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  • Digital design and computer architecture
  • جنسية الشركة التجارية في ظل التشريع البحريني
  • إسهامات إدارة وزارة التربية والتعليم في صياغة مضمون التوجه الاستراتيجي لتنمية الموارد البشرية: دراسة استطلاعية في اطار الرؤية الاقتصادية لمملكة البحرين 2030
  • استخدام الانترنت وعلاقتة بالاداء الوظيفي للعاملين
  • تأثير التمكين على فاعلية اتخاذ القرارات في المؤسسات الاجتماعية بدولة قطر
  • تحليل الانطباع الذهني لدى الموظف نحو تطبيق التقييم الالكتروني للأداء الوظيفي
  • الرقابة على دستورية القوانين في دولة الكويت
  • User’s Confidence in information security and transparency in E-government
  • واقع التدريب المهني وتأثيره في تشكيل المناخ التنظيمي
  • رقابة سوق الاوراق المالية على عمليات الاكتتاب

Library Objectives
1 - provide sources of human knowledge to serve the various scientific disciplines at the university.
2 - systems development office in line with recent developments in the field of library and information services .
3 - Provide information services and office to facilitate search and retrieval through to the decisions of publications , catalogs, Guides, Scouts , and other.
4 - the exchange of publications and university publications deanship with universities and scientific institutions at home and abroad .
5 - Preparation of induction programs for students and faculty members the services provided by and how to use available sources of information .
6 - provide services to beneficiaries through the replies and queries and the delivery of the request as soon as possible
7 - creating the right climate inside the library for study and research.
8 - to encourage and support scientific research between students and faculty members.
9 - Encourage Scientific Publications ( research and studies , books, etc.) .
10 - Contribute to the construction of the intellectual community
Library users
1. Students at various levels and specialties
2.Academic Staff
3. Administrative staff
4. Researchers in various fields and topics
5. members of the community
Rules of use of the library
1. consider the advertised working hours
2. Mobile phones must be closed inside the library.
3. maintain order and cleanliness in the library.
4. maintain the library materials.
5. Keep quiet throughout the library.
6. leave the books after using on the table.
7. use computers in the library for research purposes only.
8. Prevent damage and add notes to books and other materials.
9. Don’t eat or drink inside the library.
10. Prevent borrowing unless you have an account on our website.
11. Don’t violate the library system, otherwise it’s allowed for the librarian to ask you to leave the library.
12. The library specialist is always at your service, please cooperate with him to provide better services.
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